TP-Link MR200 v1 Bricked


I have a TP-Link MR200 v1 Bricked. The MR200 have custom Firmware i try to update to TP-Link Official Firmware with TFTP. I don;t have full Dump to flash the chip. I order a EEPROM BIOS USB Programmer CH341A and today i receive it.

Can someone help me to make the MR200 functional again?

what/which custom firmware ?

did you try the debricking in ?
and prepped the image for TFTP flashing, before attempting a TFTP recovery ?

that my mistake, i use the TP-Link Official Firmware i download with TFTP and i bricked !!!

OK, so redoing TFTP isn't an option ?

and serial's dead too ?

yes, just try to read the chip with USB Programmer CH341A but nothing readed !!!

may i connect wrong, but i'm not sure !!!

any help to be sure i connect in the right way?

sorry, that out of my comfort zone ... :expressionless:

I need a full Dump for TP-Link MR200 v1 can someone help ?

Hi everyone. I'm in the same situation. Someone can help us.

I found a dump file on the forum but after rewriting the chipset, the LAN ports are dead, and the Wifi does not accept Key.

Any advice please.

Can you please give me the link for the dumb file to try?

I can't find the link now because I'm in a hurry. I downloaded it and I give you a link for what I downloaded. From what I have studied, it seems the routing part is missing from it.


After many files created and several dump versions tested, I managed to make my router work again. It is with OpenWRT version 19.07.

Some details about the router, I had a version from Orange Flybox model but it is a Tp-Link MR200 V1 with firmware modified by ISP.

I am adding the cipset rewrite file (MAC addres must be changed to line 0x7df100).
I used it as equipment
SOC-8 cable
CH341A Miniprogramer.

I haven't tested the 4G demodem part yet.

Now I would like to try rewriting with the original Tp-Link firmware, at the moment I have not succeeded. If anyone has the file I would be grateful

sorry for my English

Did you fixed it? If not maybe I can help