TP-LINK MR200 internal wifi antennas modification

I want to remove the 3 internal antennas of my MR200 to put some external ones.
Near the red arrows, are the grey wires for 2.4 ghz and the black wire for 5ghz ?

Thanks for help

N300 usually means two antennas.

Disconnect the black one, and see if the AC signal strength drops...

Thanks for your advise, i will try back home.
Any idea what is the module connect to the black wire ?
i will take a better picture if need

you mean the antennas ?

the connector itself is called IPX or U.FL, after market external antennas usually use RP-SMA.

ho yes it should be a pcb antenna, so there is 3, 2 tiny metal antena wired direct to the main board with grey wire, 1 pcb antenna wired by IPX with black wire

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there is also a free IPX slot

Yes, I noticed it as well.

Perhaps the unit is capable of higher AC rates.

J7 looks more like a Murata rf test point, not an U.FL connector; these are not locking and can't be used to connect an antenna permanently.

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could be, I'm not familiar with those ....