TP-Link MR200 firmware update


Error 4053 or 4503?


More info about 4503 code:

I also found this thread. It is of another device, but it is useful to know where to find regional code in factory.bin. We only need to know the exact position inside mr200 stock bin, to compare values.

Good luck.


The method is correct, but I am not sure if it can be done from tp-link official firmware. It can be done from openwrt but currently he has official firmware. If indeed the error is region related then he can update with the EU region since back to stock is EU region. The problem may also be on the last 3 partition of the flash chip since these partitions is not touched during tftp or webgui firmware update. If he still can not flash openwrt then an external programmer may be needed for backup purpose especially for the last 3 partition. A soic8 test clip will avoid of desoldering the flash chip.

A picture showing the inside will confirm any hardware variations


@ortegafernando out of curiosity I decided to duplicate what you have done.

  1. flash tftp using the mediafire link - everything including LAN is ok - system was openwrt 18.06.1
  2. flash back to stock from openwrt webgui - LAN becomes dead and my router wont fully boot since it wants to find the original modem which is broken, so I can not test flash by wifi

In order for me to restore it, I used an external programmer. LAN is now ok. Everything is working again. So it is the back to stock firmware which is giving the problem, your LAN is not broken. It may be fixed by firmware update. Like previous post you can try first update by wifi with older/oldest version from tp-link, then see if your LAN is working again.


HI @gurangax thanks a lot for your check,

It is strange.

  1. flash tftp: lan OK
  2. flash back to stock: LAN dead and router doesnt' boot up
  3. flash tftp: lan DEAD
  4. flash back to stock: LAN dead and router boot up and works with wifi perfectly.

About flashing with other versions of tp-link firmware, where could I find other versions than EU versions? I have check ALL EU version (oldest, newest, ....) and everything gives me ERROR 500 UNKNOW.

What external programmer do you use? Can it be an arduino and solder 8 cables to soic 8 without unsoldered it ?



back to stock or any official firmware wont boot my router fully. It is searching for the original modem which I don't have since it is broken, so there is no way for me to use any original tp-link firmware and flash by wifi.

I used Skypro by coright, basically you can use any programmer which supports SPI flash. You will need a soic8 test clip to avoid unsoldering the chip and program it onboard. Before doing any flashing with the programmer please make a full backup/dump the current flash content. The last 3 partitions are important. The file should be 8192KB in size.

It may be possible also to change the tp-link firmware header to trick the router and pass the firmware update process. But since I can not use any tp-link firmware, I can not test it. We still do not know what type of hardware inside your router, it may be the same or maybe different from current supported devices.



Before begining to flash my Mr200 and to avoid any problem like @ortegafernando had.
I am studying to use my raspberry to dump the current rom first.
I found this guide:

So i will order next 11.11 offers one SOIC8 clip, some jumper wire to connect it to rpi and, i'm not sure at all, an simple ch341a usb programmer, that i think it's sufficient for it, in case i have no succes with rpi.

Then i want to flash a C2V1stock_dump.bin uploaded by @gurangax in other post, to update the device with latest official fw.

As i can see it is very important to flash the last 2 partitions, that tftpd and webgui skip.

I suspect @ortegafernando is from Spain like me, and he owns an mr200 from isp Amena or Orange.

First of all, i want to make some photos of my mr200 internals. I will upload it as soon as possible.

Good by.


Yes Amena/Orange. I will wait your photos. Thanks. I am also talking with tplink if they can help me (I haven't said anything about lan/openwrt/... only about that I have a firmware version XXX that I can't upgrade).


@ortegafernando Try use firmware from your provider. this is for orange found on another thread.


I'm tying to open mr200 but i can't.
I removed the 2 rear screws under the sticker.
But i can't open the plastic cover, i'm afraid to force it and broke something.

@gurangax, how i can open it?

I got it with a fine screwdriver and very carefully levering it.
Even so I have broken one of the plastic tabs.

New photo by Jose Manuel Pastor Carceles

New photo by Jose Manuel Pastor Carceles

Winbond 25Q64FVSIG
New photo by Jose Manuel Pastor Carceles


You need to open the metal cover. Just pry open the metal cover. there are some chips inside.
I suspect that the last 3 partitions is the culprit for errors since you guys have custom firmwares from ISP. And I think that a full reflash of chip using official tp-link will solve your problem, or change any mr200 into official tp-link and remove restrictions from your ISP


Thanks, not luck.

Error 500, Unknown.


Thanks, no luck. Error 500, unknown.

I will wait for @jmpcarceles backup from its flash, and begin again everything. now, I can use it with wifi.


Hello guys.

This is the photo under metal plate:

Winbond 25Q64FVSIG
Mediatek MT7610EN
And the tiny one i think is SKY11 85709.

Google Photos

Sorry for the delay, i can't do it before.

I ordered last weekend what i need, programmer and soic8 clip, to backup and flash dump.

So i will wait a little more until i do anything.

See you.


If you have mt7620 cpu then it should be the same mr200 v1 supported device. The difference left is the firmware. You will need to copy your mac address from the partition starting from 0x7d0000 - 0x7e0000 (64KiB). All the rest can be from the C2V1stock_dump file you mentioned earlier. This will convert from your ISP custom firmware to official tp-link firmware.


You can use then to get the backup. I don't know how to flash it. Please, publishthe backup as I can use it to recover my mr200.


Hi @gurangax,

Do you mean MT7620 or MT7610?

By the way, how about 5ghz wifi?

Do you have success?


mt7610 is the 5ghz wifi chip. mt7620 is the main cpu with 2.4ghz wifi. This is how it is able to simultaneously host 2.4 and 5G wifi AP. I am currently using 2.4G and 5G wifi with LEDE, I already uploaded the firmware on another thread but I am not sure if it will support the original modem directly, I compiled the firmware specially for my router and huawei modem combo. Testing the default source codes will be problematic as I have also mod the router with a 16MB flash which has different flash/partition layout then the official openwrt (8MB). Problem with MT7610 and openwrt is the lack of open source. So precompiled drivers will do for now.


any news ?


Hi guys,

I'm back again. I received yestarday at least the soic8 clip and the programmer.
My next step is to make a dump of the current fw, so i can revert to original isp fw if i need it.
@Gurangax about change MAC address, must i change at those 2 addresses 0x7d0000 - 0x7e0000?.
And about write the C2V1stock_dump.bin, any useful advice?, is it best to erase chip first to write dump?.