Tp-link er605 vlan with openwrt router

hi openwrt team i want some advices from my personal network

i have for router a tp-link ER605 (omada) a tplink 1 gigabit managed (not omada) and 2 Ap openwrt routers.

i manage omada router with SDN omada (oc200)
My plan is to seperate my network toy IoT with Vlans
ill make the configuration on er605 like:
Admin on 1 vlan
Guests on 40 vlan
IoT on 30 vlan
secure on 20 vlan
in openwrt routers ill try to make 2 spereate vlans first iot and guests and second router admin and secure.
in openwrt ill go to interfaces edit br-lan make vlans 20-30 etc and then in interface make 2 seperate omada sdn ill see only the one vlan network not 2 of each router......any suggestion and helh to configure it