TP-Link EAP615 reinstall stock firmware


I just purchased this thing initially wanting to use it as an AP only, but thought maybe it is sufficient for Routing also and thinking about installing OpenWRT on it.

My question is, maybe I want to return to stock firmware, how can I achieve this?

I read that it’s possible to install openwrt very easily, but I don’t know how the way back is.

Thanks for reading and hopefully anybody has an idea how to achieve this.

The wiki entry for the EAP615-Wall points to the git commit, which contains the exact instructions on how to roll back.

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I actually use it as a router and it performs just as well as the Archer C6v3 for me. If you need a hint when setting up the PoE-port as WAN-port, here is how I got help for it: Create WAN-port for EAP615v1

Hi, I just tried to find the information but since English is not my native language I could not find it, maybe you can guide me.

My apologies, I just noticed they're not there, but in the EAP235 commit, which is very similar.

Replace the EAP235 entries with EAP615 and you should be okay.