TP-Link EAP245-v3 stuck at 40Mhz on 5g

I just flashed the EAP245 with the snapshot recommended. Installation was fast and easy! However...

The EAP245 is getting stuck at 40Mhz on the 5Ghz band. The thing is, I am getting 40Mhz on TX (RX is 80Mhz as expected), and speeds on TX do not go any higher than 40Mhz, although everything is set to 80Mhz. The result is that 5g speeds are slow and dont really go any higher than ~190-210Mbps with iperf, which is close to the same speed as setting the radio to 40Mhz manually.

I have multiple archer A7s with openWRT to test against, and they work with 80Mhz just fine with all my devices, and are significantly faster than the EAP245 in its current state. I was hoping for an upgrade with the EAP245.

I am not familiar enough with the hardware to understand why this is happening, so I am here to reach out to the community and see if this is a familiar issue, hopefully with a fix.

I purchased the EAP245 because I am looking for a ceiling mount AP with decent MU-MIMO that works with OpenWRT. I tried the unifi nanoHD, but the newest nanoHDs are no longer supported.

Do we send the EAP245-v3 back, or is it worth working on?

Is there an alternative wall/ceiling mounted AP (working with openWRT) that would be an upgrade from an Archer A7? I realize its hard to beat the A7, but I didn't know it would be this hard.

Similar issue @DoritosVodka :

There's a bug ticket for this issue, but I don't think it has been resolved. The EAP245v3 seems to have a rather uncommon 5GHz radio, so maybe there's not enough incentive to look into it.

In any case, someone has apparently found that switching to the ath10k driver results in better Tx speeds. Maybe you can give that a try?

Thank you so much for the reply! Yea it did behave rather wonky.

I did try the driver method, it didn't seem to change the behavior. I think it would be great openwrt rig.

Have a great weekend.


I'd like to go to Openwrt on the TP-Link EAP245s in my house. Unfortunately this issue appears to make it not a good idea. I hope the community will address the issue.

I wonder if the EAP225 v3 has the same problem?

Different, and far more common, radio. Shouldn't have this issue.

For what it's worth, I think the EAP225v3 and variants with the same radio have more users than the EAP245v3, and I haven't heard any of them complain about missing 80MHz support. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Is there some 5MHz channel and channel width at which EAP access points with openwrt have no problem?