Tp-link EAP225 back to original firmware

Hello everyone

A device tp-link EAP225 v3 (EU) with OpenWrt 21.02.3

Is there a way to back to original TP-Link firmware?

I don't have any recovery files.

The wiki method not working , because src folder not found in github when cloning.

what should I do..
If anyone has idea..

Just locate a good link for the file, then.


thank you for replying

id don't have a good link

There's plenty of those on the tp-link site.

i mean the src folder that contains tplink-safeloader , his folder is not founded in GitHub

tplink-safeloader.c renders tons of hits at Google, the first five work, couldn't be arsed to search any further.

You have to run a local build for the tplink-safeloader tool to be built in your build system. The tree you clone with git is mostly an empty structure that will download and build its components when you run make.

thank you for replying :blossom:

i solve the problem