TP-Link EAP120 LEDE 17.01.2 Ethernet throughput issues

We are testing out the TP-Link EAP120 using the LEDE 17.01.2 image already created for the EAP120 and are having some issues with the Ethernet interface.

With the Interface setup as a DHCP Client, it's only getting an IP address if we connect it to a switch with a 1000Mbps port, 10Mbps and 100Mbps ports just don't seem to work.

Also, when connected to either a 10Mbps/FDPX or 100Mbps/FDPX switch port the message logged to the Kernel log shows "eth0: link-up (10Mbps/Half duplex)" or "eth0: link-up (100Mbps/Half duplex)" respectively.

Lastly, using iperf to test the throughput we cannot seem to get more than 10-15Mbps.

We have tested this with about 5 different units so I don't think it's duff hardware.

Anyone else observed these issues?