TP-Link EAP115 Support

Who managed to remove the RSA key from the firmware?

Friends from the Middle Kingdom gave me the firmware, without any conditions, removing the key of the RSA and I am ready to share it with you.

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It would be great!

Guys, please can I ask that you give a moment's thought to what you are suggesting here?
If the firmware image you are talking about did actually originate from TP-Link, then it would have been subject to an NDA (If its not from TP-Link, then even more care would be required!). This means that sharing it is breaking the agreement with TP-Link, which could get someone into trouble but, more importantly, it may well make TP-Link think twice about releasing items under an NDA.

Yes, this firmware belongs to TP-link, but I received it from third parties, without any conditions, I managed to port LEDE in EAP-115, but it is contrary to the policy LEDE and I am willing to give, but only for informative purposes.

It does not matter where you got it from, if it originated from TP-Link it will be covered by an NDA and just because the third party was happy to ignore the NDA does not mean its free to distribute. It's rather like receiving stolen goods.

So the only way is to dig a hole in original web GUI to bypas RSA sign check during update process.

You lost the comparison with the purchase of stolen goods, it seems to me that the guys from China are creating information leaks, so they save on software, hardware is better, and the software wants the best, the image will be posted for information purposes and how to dispose of it will lie on your conscience . Merry Christmas!

So if you think that's its perfectly ok to distribute the firmware image you now have, why don't you just ask TP-Link if they are ok with you distributing it?

Cost to open a topic: TP-Link EAP115 Support?

What does that mean?

And this means how are you going to shoot RSA protection?

As I said before, talk to TP-Link, convince them of what you want, sign an NDA, get the reset image.

You still have not answered the question.

I'm stil not got it (your question). Can you be more specific?

I asked this question from Richard Gate, I hope he understands it.

Is that you question? if so I already answered it.

I'm interested to enable OpenWRT support for EAP115, therefore has started tear down for this device. Let's what will be the outcome...

Discussion continues here OpenWrt support for TP Link EAP115