Tp-link deco xe5300 OpenWrt support

Hello,is there openwrt support for this GPL'ed device espesially v1 ?

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It's not GPL'ed. TP-Link will - at best - offer a tarball with an ancient SDK and lots of binary blobs which gets you a functional image. But 99% of the time, lots of essential code is missing because it's closed source.

If you want to know if it stands a chance at being ported, find out the internals, and someone who might do the porting if they are provided with a device.

This is basically a support request, the 'For developers' section is intended for actual porting efforts.

…and a very casual look suggests ipq50xx, which no one has been working on so far (chances are low, very low).

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It's ever worse, it's Broadcom, unless different versions use different hw.

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