TP-LINK CPE710 1.8 version & openwrt compatibility

Hi, fairly new to openwrt. I installed it on a CPE610 (v1) about a month or so ago and works great. But I found a CPE710 on facebook, which is a v1.8...and I am basically wondering if I can install the v1 openwrt firmware to it, without issue?

You need to compare safeloader strings in firmware, if the devices share factory firmware likely difference is wifi driver, antenna config etc minor stuff. i.e some light porting may be necessary.

Thanks for the quick response...all that is a little above what I am used to. I could probably figure out how to compare the strings, but wouldn't know where to begin porting it. Like I said, I'm pretty new to openwrt as it is.

Check if your version is already supported:
It is on first info web page of router configs.

I'm not a coder, so all I am seeing is "1.0" in that. I just didn't know if a v1 open wrt firmware would work up to a v2 device or something like that.

You have info page with hardware versions on all pharos routers.

Ooooh. I got you. I was reading wrong. I checked that page before, but completely overlooked it. Here it is:

According to that, it's "CPE710 V1.0" so I guess we're good

Yes, try to "apply openwrt factory image via web gui"
If compat string does not match then OpenWRT factory image will be rejected as incompatible.

Will do. I'm going to play with it a little as it is, before I flash it. I just wanted to make sure about the version. I'm sure I will flash it soon enough, because for some reason, TP-Link locks out lower channels on these things in their firmware. Pretty much only allow 5700mhz - 5800mhz channels, which doesn't work for what I use it for, but openwrt enables them all for me.

Gotta say, this is the quickest I have ever gotten help from any forum. It was near instant, and didn't even see any trollish replies. Very nice. Thanks!

If it is still near pharos controller you can reconnect and remove from inventory while still connected to restore all channels in OEM FW. Does not matter for OpenWRT.

Could you elaborate on that? I'm not sure what you mean. I use it as a repeater/client, so it picks up the channel from whatever SSID I need it to connect to. But with the factory firmware, all I have ever seen was it picking up SSIDs that are set to the higher 5700-5800mhz channels. It won't even 'see' SSIDs with channels lower than that.

These pharos ap-s were installed in offices where mesh control server set them with fixed single channels, one just had to deregister those from control server while in managed state to get them back into shipped configuration.