TP-Link CPE510 v2 does not respond after installation of 18.06.4

I have 2 TP-Link CPE510 v2, I installed OpenWRT 18.06.4, one works correctly while the other doesn't work.
Not responding to ping, I made a video of the boot in serial:
Another strange thing is that from Putty in serial I can't write anything, I checked the connections several times but the keyboard doesn't respond.
Do I have to waste it or is there some proof I can do?
Even if starting in fail save mode I can't write from the keyboard.
Thank you.

For the problem with serial, I would check for poor solder joints or wires first, then try a different serial adapter.

The messages suggest that you've got a network loop or duplicate IP addresses assigned. That should be examined as well.

I will try to purchase another USB to TTL adapter CP2102