TP-Link CPE510 outdoor router 5G help

Hello everyone,

Maybe it is not question for openwrt forum lovers.
I have this router and because it has no usb input within the router,so how can I in KALI Linux make this router to recognize wifi adapter so I could do penetration testing?
I installed latest openwrt 22.03.5 on it and it has around 400kb only storage.
I mean when I enter in Kali and type 'ifconfig' it can see only eth0 but no wlan0.
Is there any script or driver or something else to be able to recognize it as wlan from the router build in wifi.I think it is Qualcomm AR9340 wifi chip.
Any information could help me to get it done.
Thanks forwardly for answers.

Wi-Fi is disabled by default in a brand new installation of OpenWRT as a security measure (an important consideration if one is attempting to use Kali...)

Have you enabled and configured the Wi-Fi in OpenWRT?

In wifi setting I set the wifi as a client mode.It is configured already may be of use.

Also, might be of use.

Those links aren't what I'm asking for.

I'm asking can built-in wireless adapter in this router which I mentioned above could be recognized as wlan0 in Kali linux os?

No, they're not. And intentionally so.

Here's another one, which I always recommend (and which I occasionally re-read to remind myself of its tenets):

Your post suggests that you want to use Kali Linux to perform some intrusive activity. That suggests - probably requires - a certain level of inquisitiveness and ingenuity on your part, plus an understanding of whatever legislation may apply in your jurisdiction.

Penetration testing is a complex topic, and if you don't have a solid understanding of basic network fundamentals (and corresponding security principles) first then you're unlikely to achieve meaningful results.

I think it is very simple question for very those people who has very good understanding of basic network .
I have some knowledge about it but not for this question.
So the question still remains.

I'll be even more blunt: then you have no business even thinking about carrying out penetration testing. Take some time to acquire the necessary knowledge first, then come back to Kali.

To answer your original question: the wireless interface is in a separate device entirely (the CPE510). I assume your laptop (I assume you're using a laptop) is connected to the CPE via an Ethernet cable.

Why would your laptop treat the wireless interface in a remote device as a locally-attached device? You could always look into hacks to present remote PCI devices over Ethernet (assuming such hacks exist; I've not checked).

But the answer still remains: build up your network knowledge (and legal knowledge) first, before you even think about dipping your toes into penetration testing waters.

Ok, the first reason is that my outdoor antenna get way better signal then other wifi adapters which I have ,so I choose that cpe antenna.
I'm using desktop computer not laptop,and I'm long in to those toes hehe..for hacking wireless connections.
I would like to install aircrack-ng,airmon-ng,wireless-tools,openssl 3,tcpdump and so on to be able to do monitoring wifi connections and other penetraitions testing.But the problem is less storage in openwrt and the other is kali does not recognize wifi because it's separate wifi adapter.

Then pick a device with more storage. The Table of Hardware contains a blindingly obvious warning about 8/64 devices.

Well, obviously. Go back to my earlier point about building up your knowledge of networking.

So it means there is no possibility to make Kali to recognize internal wifi from that router?

how much time and money are you willing to spend trying to make it work ?
(and in the end most probably fail anyway)

Money is not problem,I don't have it lol..BUT time I have a lot in front of me....
if someone can connect with team viewer so I can explain it in details my question.

Very similar question here:

problem isn't how to do it, but how to get the required sw onto a device with (very) limited storage space.

depending on how much space the tools require, you could perhaps solve it by stripping the image of some non-essential packages, not needed for your use case.

exactly like that.
Another thing,is it possible to install driver Qualcomm AR9340 which is for wifi adapter in cpe510 in Kali linux so that it will recognize it in ifconfig as wlan0 ?

I put same question in Reddit.

I don't know if possible make new build with firmware builder to put aircrack-ng,airmon-ng,openssl 3,hostapd-mana,tcpdump and wireless-tools in one image?