Tp-link C6U v1 (EU) power regulator chip markings


can anyone read the markings of the following 3 power regulator chips ?
I let the magic smoke out of them and now I'm trying a repair, short advice, a protection diode is not included :wink:

Thank you,

Hi guys,

I finally found out what those regulators are, by buying another unit (to savee the first one).
The top right as in the picture above is marked as 3208 meaning TPS563208 (3 amps synchronous step-down voltage regulator).
The others are 2208 meaning TPS562208, the 2 amps version.

also found out that tp-link uses this step-down regulator component in multiple products

hopefully it helps someone.

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Have you fixed your old one now after replacing the components?

yes, this is the plan, unfortunately the 3208 version is nowhere to be found, out of stock.

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