Tp Link C6 v3.20 breaks in thunderstorms

Hello, my Tp-Link C6 v3.20 breaks in thunderstorms. The power adapter has died already. I am using the same power adapter of 12 volt 1 ampere from tp-link c64 now but still not working. The only power light keeps on. The other lights flashed when the power was on but turned off later. The LAN port is also not recognized through the PC. Can anybody solve my issue?

Sounds like you need a new router, but you can always try a reset or serial.


tried but no luck

Seriously, what do you want us to do when mother nature itself let the magic smoke out from the device?

If a new PSU with the same voltage and the same or more power doesn’t work, then it is pretty much another win for nature and another electric device KIA.

Not openwrt related

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