TP-Link C6 as access point - Discrete speed

Hey there;

I'm using a Archer C6 as access point. The performance in 5Ghz wireless is not the expected, with other AP i got 600Mbps Down/UP. Using wire connection is about 750Mbps so the link speed seems not be the problem.

Of course with the stock firmware i got almost 550 Mbps (symmetric) with Open WRT i got about 290 download and 375 upload. WMM is enable. I think 300 Mbps in download stream is an significant difference even using an opensource driver.

Any idea??

version? 19.07.6 or master?

19.07.6 right now

This one has already been discussed here:

I have the same HW, my best numbers are around 90 Mbps on 2.4 ghz and around 300 Mbps on 5 Ghz.

Thanks, i have taken a look, seems the guilty is the opensource driver. I never play with the Openwrt source code, linux kernel is easy to compile and modify, maybe we have a chance to use the proprietary atheros driver while we have not performance improvements, of course i prefer to use the opensource first.