TP-Link C-1200
Is OpenWRT supports this 2.0 model of router?

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From checking[Model*~]=c1200 I don't see something exactly called a "C1200". It looks like an older model. Is there more information on the sticker on the bottom?

It's strange, 'cause in the bottom under C-1200 is also AC-1200 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router sentence.

Is there a "Model:" line on the sticker, sort of line the one in this photo of the bottom of an Archer C7v2?

"Model: Archer C7(US) Ver: 4.0"

(Sorry, it didn't place in line)

Archer C1200 is actually AC1200, as per their Datasheet.

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If so, then is probably where to start.

Better double check it @anon18252423 to be on the safe side.


If it's a true C1200 then it's half supported only and it will probably stay that way forever.

Because it uses Broadcom chipsets, WiFi doesn't work as no binary/firmware.

AC1200 is another nomenclature, not model name.