TP Link AX23 max lan and wifi speed


i just bought TP-Link AX23 router v 1.2 and installed openwrt.Could someone tell me please,what is the LAN and WIFI maximum speed in this router? I have 1gbit internet,but when i connect to router via cable the max speed is just 100 mibt and wifi ~ 400 mbit.How should i configurate this router? Thanks for any reply

Isn't there a hw acceleration/offloading check box for this SoC ?

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idk.maybe... where i can find it?

i just found in firewall section.I enabled it,its a little bit better with upload (~800 mbit) but download is the same

any other ideas? i fixed lan and i can now get 1gbit over lan,but wifi is the same(download 400/upload 600)

How is this router? I might buy this.