TP-Link AX23 Installation and Checksum

I have a factory-new AX23 v1.0 on which I would like to install OpenWRT:

I have a couple of questions in this regard:

  • I can simply follow the "OEM easy installation" routine, correct?

  • OpenWRT version 23.05.2 is the latest stable release that this router supports, right? Or can the the 23.05.3 version already be used?

  • Do I have to download the "Factory" image for a first time OpenWRT installation?

  • Is the correct sha256sum the one listed at the bottom of this download page? Or where would I find the checksum to compare it with the downloaded firmware file?

  • Will the Luci web interface automatically be installed in this way?

Thanks for your guidance!


you can use .3

what does the link you posted say about OEM installation ?

if they match, it is :wink:


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Thanks for your feedback @frollic !

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