TP-Link AX23 EU v1.2 Failed OpenWrt upgrade? Please Help

Reset the router ?

How was it installed?

Start creating new threads, your current question has nothing to do with the installation of Openwrt on the AX23.

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Sir can u tell one more thing please...
How to add terminal on openwrt..

i am not seeing any terminal option here

you didn't really read/understand my last post, did you ?

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ok...i will start a new thread

Cant say if this is trolling or not :rofl:

sir i am in big problem.... Please help me..please only u guys can help me...

after restoring the stock firmware by this procedure my router firmware version is changed​:sob::sob::sob: its 3.0.3
and there is no speed control feature in this version also reset is not working.... please help me sir

i downloaded 1.1.0

and when i am in stock my firmware version is 1.1.0

@frollic sir help me​:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:
@bosukes help me please​:sob::sob::sob:

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