TP-Link Archer VR300

Hello, i have modem/router TP-Link Archer VR300 and i have routine disconnecting issues on wifi/lan. I didnt find any alternative firmware. Can someone help me what to do in my case or can i use some similar firmware?

Thank You.

If it's not explicitly listed as supported in the ToH, it's not supported. Routers are embedded devices, which need specific device support, unlike the generic x86 world you can't install a different/ 'similar' firmware.

In this case we seem to be talking about a Mediatek/ Econet EN7513 SOC with MT7592+MT7612E WLAN. While the MT7612E wlan shouldn't be a problem, neither MT7592 nor the SOC itself are supported (and chances for supporting the SOC and its xDSL feature are near nil).