TP-Link Archer VR200v state of support

I own this device:
and I would like to upgrade to openwrt/LEDE firmware because I am not happy with the IP based QoS in the default firmware.
Installation seems possible in general from what I can gather from the wiki.
Does anyone know if the telephone jacks will work so I can use my old analog phone for VOIP calls?


Currently the following parts are not working: FXO, Voice, DECT, WIFI (both)

BTW: Do you have any hardware info about this router? We have a firmware file available, but not even a dataentry in the Table of Hardware...

Thank you for the info. Too bad this devices seems to be not very popular.

I had a quick look at the "Create New Data Entry Page" and entered what I could gather from the linked wiki page.

I am not sure if that is what you are after, feel free to delete it. Anything else I can provide?

Excuse me if I intervene

What is the difference between Hardware Version V1 and V2 ?
you can choice here beetweent V1 and V2:

Sorry for resurrecting this ancient thread.

AFAICS both versions are Lantiq-based. The downloadable vendor upgrade images have slightly different U-Boot versions, and admittedly I haven't taken a closer look yet.
$ strings -a -n 6 Archer\ VR200v(EU)_V2\ 161202/*.bin |grep U-Boot

U-Boot 2010.06-svn19362-LANTIQ-v- (Aug 3 2016 - 10:28:21)

$ strings -a -n 6 Archer_VR200v(DE)_V1_160809/*.bin |grep U-Boot

U-Boot 2010.06-svn17008-LANTIQ-v-2.2.67 (Jul 26 2016 - 15:25:39)