TP-Link Archer MR600 exploration

The GPL source code for the firmware running on the Archer MR600 has been released by the way, after i sent them an email! Hopefully there will be some more active development.

The problem is time on my part. Since this is an mt7621 based platform it should not be that hard to port.

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Hi folks,

I too have this modem and am looking to extend its functionality. I don't know what's involved in porting, but if I have time I might teach myself.

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Hmm. Looks like this is a bigger job than I thought.

I have this router and am trying to use it as a backup internet with a weighted routing rule on my main router

My issue is I cant port forward from the MR600 to an internal device as there is no way to set a default gateway for the lan side / or route back to the main router - for some daft reason it puts the internet as a destination in the routing table

The other option would be to have it operate as a seperate network - but when I try that LTE is disabled

OpenWrt Please!! :slight_smile:

I don't understand some of the stuff in your post but I wonder if this might help?

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dear developers,
im also using the TPLINK MR600 (v2)

It would be super nice
if you could develop the file Open WRT Software for this Router Modell.

thanks already

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@Bartvz / @devbrones /@mr600 - any luck with openwrt on the mr600 v2 ?

Nope and haven't tried yet. Maybe once I come back from holiday


I have mr600 v2 i need openwrt software for this router.thanks

Not and expert but let me know if you need people for testing. I have an unit :slight_smile:

I'm not a geek as well, but I am very open to test the software. As far as I've been concerned (I've read the whole internet), it shouldn't make a bigger problem for professionals. Keeping my fingers crossed for @Bartvz to find some time and make our lives easier with this software :slight_smile:

I have just bought one of these units and would like to help port openwrt to it, where should I start? I have never done an openwrt port but I'm a competent general purpose programmer

Happy to say that I've just opened a PR to merge support for this device.

Thanks @hypr and @Bartvz for your research around this device, help me get started with it.

Everything seems to be working fine so far on the device. Hopefully the PR will get merged soon but I suppose it'll take a while to land on a stable release.

If anyone wants to try this PR out, please do, and get back to this thread with any feedback


Wow!! Where do I send you some money?

That sounds fantastic!

Have you included support OneMesh? Is is controlling well a group of repeaters?


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Nice to see OpenWRT on this model.
I am able to boot the initramfs image, but after transfering the sysupgrade image, I get the "Bad Magic Number" error and the device is not booting.
Thanks for the help.

I have a v1 MR600. I dont know thats image are compatible with my version

Forgot to mention something that seemed strange, that's probably related to this. When I'm trying to tftpboot <addr> and then bootm <addr> the bootloader tries to boot from <addr>+0x200. So In order to boot from the initramfs, I always have to subtract 0x200.

I read that this is common for tplink devices but I can't find any reference to images being padded by 512 bytes (0x200). I not not sure that this will work, but can you try doing this:
add the openwrt, offset = <0x200> and
compatible = "openwrt,uimage", "denx,uimage"

AFAIK OneMesh is a closed source and proprietary implementation so OpenWRT doesn't support it. There are alternatives for it though that OpenWRT supports