TP-Link Archer MR200 V2

I have a TP-Link Archer MR200(EU)v2 suddenly I found that only power led is blinking and it's not working. I search on the internet and found a solution through the tftpd program to put the latest firmware, I try it and the firmware installed up to 100% but the device not rebooted I wait for while nothing happened I restart it but now after power on all led are off only the signal led blink once and become off. any advice or instructions on how to resolve this.

I think only the V1 is supported.


Since you flashed via TFTP, perhaps the OEM firmware will re-flash.

Looks like your bootloader is the wrong/corrupt one. Your only options is to reflash with external ROM flasher. It is soft bricked. Make sure you get the bootloader for MR200 v2

I used latest firmware form Tp-link official site for V2 but tftpd request file called ArcherC2V1_tp_recovery.bin, so I changed file name to the request name. Thanks for your help.

I don't know how to reflash with external ROM flasher any link for how to do it and where i could find the bootloader for MR200 v2. Thanks for your help.

First try opening the router first and take some pictures since there's no way of knowing the components inside for sure. I suspect the flash is SPI type same as v1. You will need to get a rom flasher which are able to write to your router's flash rom. I used a skypro by coright same as found here

You will also need to get a SOIC8 test clip same as found here

The test clip will avoid desoldering of the SPI chip so that you can directly reprogram/reflash the SPI chip onboard.

The bootloader is easy to get from tplink website. Just let me know if you need help on this

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note that 5 Ghz wifi not work with OpenWrt now
i have the same device TP-Link Archer MR200(EU)v2 !
but not try openwrt in this device
try in tp-link w8970 ver 1.2 and very good firmware add support VDSL !
but in TP-Link Archer MR200 I do not know what to add
and I do not know why team of openwrt not add Emulators on the internet to shown the Possibilities in the openwrt firmware !

you need connect same as this and try !

similar problem as @MinaNabil
need help

It think the recovery steps are just the same as v1. In your case you need to get the correct firmware from tp-link which is for V2. As for openwrt for v2 please try it with the original v2 firmware bootloader

Hi my name's Denis, I'm new this comunity. I have a TP-LINK Archer MR200 V2 Bricked, I just purchased a CH341A progammer because fatal stop in this line. I can't extract the bootloader from the original tp-link firmware and I don't find the C 2V1stock_dump online. Can you help me?

[openSerialPort 125] Fail to open serial port /dev/ttyUSB1!

[initSerialPortFd 83] Fail to open /dev/ttyUSB1!, retry_counter= 11

[openSerialPort 125] Fail to open serial port /dev/ttyUSB1!

[initSerialPortFd 83] Fail to open /dev/ttyUSB1!, retry_counter= 12

[openSerialPort 125] Fail to open serial port /dev/ttyUSB1!

[initSerialPortFd 83] Fail to open /dev/ttyUSB1!, retry_counter= 13

[openSerialPort 125] Fail to open serial port /dev/ttyUSB1!

[initSerialPortFd 83] Fail to open /dev/ttyUSB1!, retry_counter= 14

Ok, thank you.

@DexterWilliams, welcome to the community!

  • You may wish to open a new thread for your issue.
  • I don't think the bootloader is included with most firmware, you'll have to get a backup copy from another router (making sure things like serial and MAC are edited).

die beiden Antennen sind fĆ¼r den Empfang der Signale also LTD GSM usw.. wo ist die Antenne um die Wlan Signale zu schicken ? Hat wer das gerƤt schon geƶffnet und weis wo der "Ausgang" ist um hier einen VerstƤrker anzuschlieƟen ?

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the two antennas are for receiving the signals so LTD GSM etc. where is the antenna to send the WiFi signals? Has anyone already opened the device and knows where the "output" is to connect an amplifier here?

the wifi antenna is inside. you can easily find them once you open the cover.