TP-Link Archer MR200 Failed firmware upgrade

Hello, I have a router from a local operator and router's modem was (still is) blocked only for SIM cards from them. I wanted to unblock the modem, so I installed the OpenWrt firmware, I used the "new method" (according to to unblock the modem via adb shell. But when I entered the command, I got an error saying that the command was not found, even though I had the adb package installed. So I decided to try the "old method", log in via, but that didn't work either because when I went to upload the file "" it showed that it is not compatible with the router's firmware. So I gave up and decided to install the stock firmware via MR200_Back_to_stock.bin (which turned out to be a mistake when I read more info about it later). A few days later I tried to repeat the whole process and understandably it was unsuccessful. I assume I bricked my router. Also, since then I can't update the firmware via the tp-link interface, it still shows me an error in the sense of a damaged file. Is there any possible way to unlock the modem and install the original firmware? Unfortunately, at the beginning I didn't know that I should make a backup of the original firmware and I also don't have a CH340a Programmer or a Raspberry Pi (simply I f*cked it up). Can you help me? (I hope that I explained it in a comprehensible way)

Instructions clearly state that you need to use flash programmer to revert to stock in carrier issued device. Now you need one to go either way.

What's the either way?

To installl OpenWRT or to install provider firmware.

I tried to install provider's firmware, but when If I installed it via TP-Link Stock firmware, it was not accepted. And I also tried to set the modem via Openwrt firmware, also unsuccessful.

Have you tried the tftp method?

Yeah, I installed OpenWrt with tftp.

Did it work this time?

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Openwrt worked fine, but when I wanted to install a different firmware through it than the one "back in the stock by Heinz (I guess)", it didn't want to accept it, it showed error that it was big.