TP-LINK Archer MR200(EU) v2.1 bricked

I have flashed first and read afterwards, that only v1 is supported.
Now my router is dead. After powering up only 4eth leds blinks once and thats all.
I tried connecting using USB serial adapter after soldering pins to J1, but there is nothing going on over serial communication.

Is there any way to revive this router?

There is no way to unbrick without having a ch340a or similar programmer with SOIC8 clip to directly communicate with the flash chip. Do you have one?

Did you flash from the stock firmware? Some TP-Link firmware upgrade implementations are really bad and they happily overwrite the boot loader when you flash the wrong firmware - been there, done that.

If you're lucky, it's sufficient to flash U-Boot from a stock firmware upgrade if the stock firmware upgrade includes U-Boot. If not, you will need to obtain a full flash dump from someone else with this device.

Yes, from stock.

I have some UART programmer:

I can get or 3d-print soic-8 clip

Do I need this one?

yes you can use that. I guess you used tftpd method to flash from stock. I think both V1 and V2 are compatible. you need to add V2 bootloader to the sysupgrade file before you can use tftpd method.

Did you manage to get your Archer MR200 v2 unbricked @zmrdko and make OpenWrt run on it?