TP-link archer c9 v2

I have 1 archer c9 v2 and I had dd wrt since I bought it but in last days i have problems so I tried to go back to origin with some dd wrt to facto file but my router ended with saying that is versio tp link archer c1900 but with web working page i tried like 300 files to put it good again no luck i was able to flash some dd wrt file for archer c1900 now my router is in bootloop i tried everything no luck . Anyone was some idea? ihave a 150€ router on desk and im using my old wrd 3600 with open wrt!

Since you seem to have problems with DD-wrt, you probably should consult the DD-wrt forum, not the OpenWrt forum.

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I did tried that i dont have dd wrt on it I jsut want to go back to original!

any tips or ideas?

You were adviced to check with DD-WRT.

You state you don't have DD-WRT; but you also stated 3 times: