TP-Link Archer C7 v5 Wifi 5GHz disconnects on its own?

Hi, I'm new to the community and had some question(s).

The firmware update went without any hiccups, thankfully.

The only issue that I have and I've seen is that the 5GHz network shuts down on its own.

Anyone facing this issue?


What channel? DFS is subject to interference detection (and shutdown)

Also, what’s in the log?

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I think I'm good, I did a factory reset and since then it has been working well.

Sorry to make a post before troubleshooting more!

Glad to hear that - 1 detail that bit me was i selected one 5ghz channel to use, and then would lose connectivity.

Syslog would show disconnected due to radar interference. Setting the channel to auto allows the 5ghz driver to select another channel if one has interference.

Thanks, I did set it in auto the first time when that occurred, didn't make a difference, I wonder if it was a hiccup on the firmware the first time... lol