TP-Link Archer c7 v5 - Only Factory firmware flashes onto device

Hello all,

Looking for some community assistance on an issue I am having with flashing firmwares onto the device (TP-Link Archer c7 v5).

After several attempts at flashing using TFTP, the router seems to be bricked after any firmware flash other than the factory firmware. I use the TFTP flash vector to write the bin files provided by OpenWRT, but the only time I am able to connect to localhost after flash is when factory firmware bin was written into memory.

There is also a visibly different router response when the factory firmware is booted compared to when OpenWRT firmwares are booted. When the factory firmware is booted the WPS light turns and stays on for an extended period and the power light flickers, the reboot occurs and then the wireless and ethernet lights turn on and the router works as it did out the box and I am able to connect to the tp-link firmware on localhost.

When I flash the OpenWRT Install factory bin or the OpenWRT snapshot bin, the WPS light never turns on. A reboot occurs and only power and ethernet light are on and there is no OpenWRT software running on localhost at or

The only OpenWRT Bin I haven't tried is the SysUpgrade bin, but the instructions are clear not to use unless upgrading from an older version of OpenWRT.

Git for this router discusses using the default TP-Link web interface to upload the new firmware but this no longer seems to work with v5.

Any recommendations on different vectors to flash the firmware on, can I use SSH to access the router's system and move the new firmware file into the appropriate directory?

Were you able to fix it?


That particular release did not flash correctly, but when the next release came it flashed on just fine.