TP-LINK Archer C7 v5 (KR) ArcherC7v5_tp_recovery.bin loaded but no flash

I'm trying to flash my Archer C7 v5 (Korean version) with Tftp.
Tracking with Wireshark, the firmware is said to be loaded completely but no flashing happens, the router just continues booting.

The current firmware is official version.
Could anyone help?

Is the router currently working or not? Why aren't you flashing from GUI?

Yes, it's still working fine. When flashing from GUI, it raises error message "Invalid file type". I tried to use a short name but it didn't help either.

I presume you are using not

@jeff is probably best person to ask about Archer C7. But my advise to you would be to not rush into solutions like MTD command and the likes untl you have exhausted the safer options.

Are we missing another special_id for the KR variant of the hardware?
As per RU issue here:
If you can connect by serial and TFTP we can pretty quickly see what is going on.


Insert another special_id may work, unfortunately I don't have necessary tools for serial port connection.
Is there other way that I can see the serial logs without connecting to it? Or get the special_id from the official firmware ?

Yea, i've found it on the factory firmware.

soft_ver:1.0.3 Build 20180320 rel.40783
{product_name:Archer C7,product_ver:5.0.0,special_id:4B520000}

Taken from here:
Address 0000f878-0000f88b
if anyone else wants to verify.

Are you able to follow the instructions in this post: Support for TP-LINK Archer C7 v5 (RU)
To modify the firmware (change 55530000 for 4B520000) and see if it works on your device? If it does, i'll push a support patch.


Yeah, I double checked, the special_id for KR version is 4B520000.
Flashing has been completed successfully with new special_id value. I used tftp method though, forgot to try the WebUI first.
I've been able to ssh and the wifi. Those features work stable so far, I'll try VPN & DDNS later.
Thank you very much @lantis1008 .


Patch sent.

Thanks for testing.


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