TP-Link Archer C7 V5 can't connect after installation

I did reset an Archer C7 v5 once and when I remember right the router will just reboot and load the old config if the reset button isn't pressed long enough.

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Isn't pressed long enough? When, as in after you turn it on, or?

Can you try to press the reset button for 30 seconds or longer?

Sure, but after i power it up or even now when it's on?

Let the router first completely boot up and then press the button. It definitely should work.

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2mins and nothing...

EDIT: got the power led flashing super fast now

2 minutes should be more than enough. Are you connected to one of the LAN ports via cable?

I guess you flashed OpenWrt via TFTP? Is your TFTP server still running?
Could be that the router is flashing the firmware again.

No, i flashed it via router's webUI

IDK how to use SSH, telnet or TFTP, if I knew, I'd probably restored it to factory from that.

EDIT: yes, using one of the lan ports for connection.

That's fine.

What's the current status of your router?
Do you use DHCP or a static IP address on your PC?

It keeps on flashing ( just the power led, lan one is off )
Using DHCP

Usually this works flawlessly. In your case I would try to reboot the router one last time(without a reset) and if there isn't any change you still can try to reinstall the firmware via TFTP.

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Same as before i'm afraid.

Can you try to give your PC a static IP?

Worked via TFTP, it's alive! Thanks guys!

Looking for a way to flash the OEM fw now so I can return it to the store tomorrow.

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I think you just download the stock from TP-Link, unzip it, go to tftp recovery again and send that file.

If your ISP speed is more than 100 Mb you need something with more CPU power anyway.

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Thank you all for your suggestions!
I switched to openwrt because i couldn't get 500mb ( the bandwidth i have from ISP ) on the OEM firmware. Did some tests on openwrt and I get around 300mb ( thru ethernet from router to PC ) so I'm thinking there's something wrong with the router. Anyone has a different opinion?

Also, I can't open certain websites, something to do with firewall settings or MAC or DNS?

The bottom line is that that model is not suitable to route for a 500 Mb ISP. There's nothing wrong with it, it just isn't enough CPU for that speed.

OpenWrt does a lot of things that stock firmware can't, though some of them come at the expense of speed. No one installs it to go faster, because it won't. Speed is the one thing that stock firmware concentrates on, though often at the expense of flexibility and security.

The default configuration should allow you to go to any website though.

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You can use flow offloading to achieve higher speeds (up to 900 Mbits/sec). For more details see here:

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@accelerate, need to use snapshots and I'm not comfortable with that, better to just wait for a next stable update.

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