TP-LINK Archer C7 v5 bridged with VLAN


I have TP-LINK Archer C7 v5 with OpenWRT for around 2 years. I had disabled its router features and use it bridged as AP.

My LAN is managed by a EdgeRouter X also with OpenWRT, which I'll change for a Ryzen 3100 next week.

I'd like to connect my router to C7 and use VLAN tagging/trunking to pass some VLANs to it (not planned yet the topology, probably 3). VLANs would be created and managed by the router, while AP would receive them in 1 port and work as a managed switch, placing 1 VLAN in each of its remaining ports.

Looking at /cgi-bin/luci/admin/network/vlan I see it clearly supports VLAN on its ports, right?

But, looking at /cgi-bin/luci/admin/network/wireless, I don't see how I'd set a VLAN to radio0 or radio1. I also don't see how I could create multiple SSID.

My idea is to have 3 VLANs on WiFi:

  1. Main: for phone and laptop, same as for PC
  2. IoT: for TV, receiver, Switch and any testing device I don't trust
  3. Guest: for anybody that would visit home, preferably handshaking with WPS

Is it possible to have multiple SSID on different VLAN? Is there any tutorial teaching how to do it? I'd rather do it on txt config than LuCI.

I also don't see how to manage WPS from software, does it work only with the button?

First of all, you create one interface for each VLAN at the AP.

Then create a SSID to bridge with each VLAN interface.


Thanks. So I need a different interface for each VLAN, and place multiple interfaces on the same port?

So, in example, interfaces VLAN11, VLAN12, VLAN13 all placed on interfaces eth0.1, wlan0, wlan1. Then on switch I set VLANs 11, 12, 13 on eth0.1. And create and configure same VLANS 11,12,13 on router on the port I'll connect to AP's eth0.1.

Then how do I create new SSID? I don't see option to create new WLANs or set VLAN to existing one.

Once the VLAN interfaces in the AP side are ready and working, goto Wireless page of Luci. Then create new . From there, you can choose which VLAN interface to bridge with.

For existing SSID, you change the VLAN to bridge with by edit it.

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