TP-Link Archer C7 v5 (AC1750) bricked

I was experimenting with creating firmware with custom packages for TP-Link Archer C7 v5 (AC1750) and I managed to brick two such devices.
Image was done using current ath97 release 22.03.5

make image PROFILE="tplink_archer-c7-v5" PACKAGES="wpad-wolfssl mesh11sd luci -wpad-basic-wolfssl -wpad-basic-mbedtls" FILES="files"

"files" contain wifi config and root password for factory default config. I dont think there is an issue with this as device no longer has any outside connection working.
I did this with Linksys EA3500 without much issues. Same config using kirkwood imagebuilder with same "files".
I have four C7 in total I like to flash. Two more that are running pre compiled image with release 22.03.2 as the two bricked were.
Are there any known issues or settings I should have done differently?
Only thing that was alarming was that both device types (Linksys and TP-Link) needed to be flashed with force as there were metadata missing. Linksys worked absolutely fine. TP-Link not so much.