TP Link Archer C7 v5 - 23.05.2?

hey Folks,

I was just wondering if anyone has attempted to upgrade from 22.03.3 to 23.05.2, and if any issues were encountered? My device has been fairly rock solid to this point and I was going to upgrade to the new release, but noticed this note below in the product page about 5ghz wireless issues. I have never encountered this before and was wondering if this is just an old bug that may not be relevant anymore?

Any thoughts or comments greatly appreciated!

Here is someone who upgraded from 22.03.5 to 23.05.2:

The link you posted refers to a Github issue from 2019, so it might very well be able to arise with your current version, too.

Hi, I have a Archer C7v4 - it is quite similar to your v5. I updated two weeks ago from 21.02.7 -> 22.03.5 -> 23.05.2 with keep settings all the time. I have no Issues at all - except maybe a litte bit more ram usage, but, I did not have any stats about it. I have about 5 5G WLAN devices and 1 2G WLAN device - all good so far!

Thanks guys for the comments. I'll give it a shot once I have a few days off work to play around.