TP-LINK Archer C7 v5.0 : Performance OpenWrt = 50% of Stock Firmware

I'm using Archer C7 v5.0 with stock firmware and as I need more features, this week-end, I've decided to test OpenWRT18.06.1.
After tftp flashing, I made some Internet bandwith tests connected by lan, and I'm bit disapointed because I get less than 50% of the bandwith I get with stock firmware.
OpenWRT18.06.1 : 350-400 mbps instable
Stock Firmaware : 800-850 mbps stable
I did a lot of tests (Openwrt then Stock then Openwrt then Stock) to be sure that there was no pb with my provider (1 Gb/s), all tests confirmed the measures.

Have you ever noticed such differnce ?
Is there something I can do to increase bandwith with OpenWrt ?
Any advice are welcome.

Thanks in advance for your answers.
Sorry for my poor English.

I think it's because the TP-Link firmware has NAT by Hardware.

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If you go to a master image, based on kernel 4.14 (ar71xx or ath79), you can enable flowoffload.


I think you will find a solution here:

Thanks to all for your answers.
Sorry for the delay, but I'm out for some weeks, bad fall from a ladder.
I'll check all this when I'll come back to home.