TP-Link Archer C7 v2 antennas

I've read that Archer C7 v2 has 3 internal antennas (2.4ghz) and 3 external antennas (5ghz).
What would happen if I change those 3 external antennas (5ghz) and put 3 9dbi dual antennas (2.4+5ghz)?? Will I damage the antennas? Will I damage the router?

EDIT: other words, what happens if I passes a 5ghz signal over a dual band antenna? Will it work?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english

I use a C7 v2 specifically for that purpose. I have replaced one of the external antennas with a TP-Link TL-ANT5823B 5 GHz 23dBi Outdoor Panel Antenna to create a Wi-Fi hotspot in my workshop leaving the remaining antennas in place for local 5GHz connectivity.

This has worked well for almost the last five years but ! believe the outdoor antenna has now failed as the link degrades/fails in wet/cold weather. The router itself works ok and I've swapped in a spare C7 v2 but the problem remains. Unforfunately the antenna is no longer available to purchase so am currently considering alternatives.

So, AFAIK you can replace the C7 v2 antennas for hi-gain alternatives but, depending on your use case, you may not need to replace all three.

If they are truly designed for both 2.4 and 5ghz, then they should work on 2.4.

I wonder if the "9dbi" rating might only apply to the 5.6ghz... and the 2.4 performance is the same as what you're replacing.. but that's the kind of Faith I have in Marketing types.

Generally, if they're the same size I'd worry. Physics typically demands larger size for greater gain generally, not counting a few tricks. I'd try to find a 2.4 only antenna from a reputable company, claiming better gain.

Theres also tons of horror stories of cheap antennas with just rando pieces of wire inside. It'll kinda work, maybe. What you going to do, return your $3.99 antenna to China for a refund?

I think no one has understood the question.

Deattachables antennas are 5ghz only. I have 3 dual band antennas that I want to use replacing the other 3.

If the antennas I will use are dual band and the original antennas are only 5ghz, what will happen? Will it work? Will it damage something? other words, what happens if I passes a 5ghz signal over a dual band antenna? Will it work? Will I damage something?

Using a dual band antenna on a single band radio which is one of the antenna's design bands won't hurt anything.

I would suggest using a CPE for your outdoor link as it is a pre-engineered directional antenna matched to a high power radio in a weatherproof case.

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Yes... sorry I went off the deep end with the rest of my comments. Of course a dual band antenna is designed to work on both/either band. And you would likely have the greater gain on the band you want it on. (Assuming you can trust the claim)

I got confused due to my having a "v3" C7, a version in the US that actually has no separate 2.4 antennas... it only has the external 3, with assumably 2.4/5ghz antennas. I went back to my default mindset there.

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It shouldn't hurt, in the sense of not damaging the hardware (assuming the antenna really is dual-band by design; and even that isn't necessarily in general, as there are multiple ways to design multi-band antennas these days, be it by effectively putting two antennas into one plastic sleeve (four rf cables going in) and genuine wide-band ones, some vendors might even put the bandfilter into the 'antenna'), but it will most likely decrease the antenna sensitivity, as there will be more loss due to the wide-band antenna.

That said, there is no connection of the 2.4 GHz radio to the RP-SMA connectors on this particular hardware, so adding dual-band antennas to this device won't improve the 2.4 GHz signal in the slightest (but is very likely to decrease the 5 GHz signal, due to worse gain matching of wide-band antennas).

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Blockquote but is very likely to decrease the 5 GHz signal, due to worse gain matching of wide-band antennas

Just what I wanted to know. I was hopping that it could improve my 5ghz signal with a better gain because it's 9dbi from a TP-Link Archer C58HP (I'm testing and seems to be a little bit better).

Just as you said. No improvement at all

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