TP-Link Archer C7 V2.0 - USB/Wifi Power

Hi all,

My Scenario:
TP-Link Archer C7 V2.0 with latest stable LEDE-Image 17.01.1
Huawei e3372h-153 for 4G Connectivity,
16GB USB-Stick for GCC-Compiler an other big-packages.

I've been struggling with my new Archer C7 V2.0 and loss of Wifi-Connection, the radios (2,4 & 5gh) automaticly disabled after a few minutes.

After many hours of troubleshooting (replacing ath10k-Firmware, changinng to LEDE-Dev-Buils, checking Wireless Config-Issues) I finally found out the issue.

It was the power consumption.
When I Plug out the USB-Stick and the external Antenna (on the E3372h) everything works fine.

Did someone have this "power-problem" with the USB-Ports too, or can reproduce it?
The Router works like charm, its just the wifi who will be deactivated, little bit strange :slight_smile:


I have an Archer C7 V2 with a 4GB USB-Stick (f2fs type) and I have no problems with Wifi or the power consumption.

My LEDE version is:

Linux version 4.4.69 (buildbot@builds) (gcc version 5.4.0 (LEDE GCC 5.4.0 r4110-8adeb4e) ) #0 Sun May 21 21:56:17 2017

Sometimes a get a kernel warning, but the router is working like a charm.

Almost all TP-Link devices with USB have a current limit on USB 5V line around 500 mA. Plug your LTE stick over external USB HUB with own and good power supply.

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Didn't know that, thank you!
That would be nice information to display on the LEDE Archer C7-Techdata site.

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5V/500mA is USB standard. Why should we especially mention conformance to the USB standard?

Actually, I think it does make sense to mention if the router is "USB 3/4G stick friendly", e.g. it allows USB device to take more than a (standard) 500 mA.

An exception from the rules is well worth a note.

I don't think it's a normal behavior that the wireless-radios drops on too high USB power consumption.
For some people it would be good to know.
On top, they maybe dont think about an power-problem if the USB-Devices (like my USB-Stick and my e3372h) are working allmost normal.


I use USB storage and a bluetooth USB device on my Archer C7 and since I've added the BT stick the USB failures increased. Before with USB storage only I rarely had sudden unmounts due to power problems. With bt scanning every minute, it got worse. 7 days and the bt stick is no longer responding according to dmesg. I made a script that turns usb port 2 power off and on when that occurs to revive my bt stick.

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