TP Link ARCHER C7 AC1750 Wifi stops working

Reporting / looking for feedback that wifi stops functioning every now and then (every few weeks or month). Wired still works fine.

Using 17.01.4 and this problem existed on the two previous versions as well.

A reboot fixes the problem till the next time it goes down.


have same problem with 17.01.1. I now reboot the Archer every night at 3 am with a cron job.

Is there anything helpful in the logs?

Tmomas, I didn't think of looking in the logs but will next time. Right now they only show reports from today and the failure was yesterday.

Wtuppa, glad to see I'm not the only one.

Otherwise very happy as SQM changed everything for me as our ISP provides an healthy portion of Bufferbloat.

I have the same router running 17.01.4 with no issues...

SSH into the router and run the following...

cat /etc/config/wireless

Make sure to obscure the "option key" value(s) in the wireless config results before posting.

same problem here - wifi in bgn channel stops working ocassionally, while 5GHz works fine

I'm seeing this too- running AP in WDS mode wonder if that is causing the driver/firmware to lock up

no firmware update since 2015 i thought this was one of the best ac wifi but it really annoys me when wifi both 2.4 and 5ghz suddenly stops working every now and then but wired is ok

Tried resetting config?

Seems this issue reappeared in 19.07.5

Anything useful in the logs ? Does it happen regularly? How long does it take after reboot until the problem occurs ? Can you stop and restart wireless to get it running again ?

Does the issue persist with 19.07.7?

@Stefan1: I "have" to restart wlan to get it going.
@tmomas: Yes, it happens in 19.07.7 as well as before.

I have 1 5GHz WLAN (a), 2 SSIDs on 2,4GHz (b and c).
c is configured as guest lan (using firewall rules)
Most devices connect automatically to (b).

Once a week, printing (over WLAN) stops working (this is how we recognise). Also DNLA streaming stops.
From the router, everything seems fine, the router even sees the clients (both logically as well as via ping).

Restart of generic 802.11bgn radio solves the issue. Prints start immediately (well within seconds), videos can be streamed to TV, music to the speakers.

It is an annoyance but we can deal with it.

OK, there are 2 possible ways to proceed:

  1. If you want to analyze it deeper, you have to search and post the system.log for the time immediately before the problem starts. Maybe you even have to raise the log level.
  2. If you want to live with it, you can create a cron job that restarts the wifi e.g. daily at 3 am or whenever it suits for you during the night. That is quite easy:
    You can install the
    (description is in package, but this one is not really needed, except if you want to do this on a comfortable UI), and you can manually add lines to the cron job, e.g.
00 03 * * * /usr/bin/ forcestop
01 03 * * * /usr/bin/ start

Which would stop wifi every night at 3 am and start it again at 3:01.