TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 as a WiFi to WiFi router

Is TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 suitable for my scenario? I want to have a router where the Internet uplink is WiFi and the router NATs for wired and WiFi by acting as an AP. So a basic home setup router but instead of WAN Ethernet port I would provide the WAN through existing WiFi. I need to to use 2.4 GHz for both of them. Well I can add 5 GHz to the AP as a plus but there isn't really a benefit from it.

Archer C7 seems to be quite affordable device. Recommendations for any other devices less than 100 € are welcome as well. The Internet connectivity in this holiday home is anyway less than 50 Mbits so I don't need a powerhouse router like I have at home. I just want to have a private WiFi for my devices and strong enough signal.

The archer c7 is a solid device, but it's slowly showing its age while still sticking to its price point - which has gotten a bit high in comparison to its newer competition (both for new and used c7s). In practice the supported ipq4018 based devices would provide better features for just about the same price, just make sure to pick devices with at least 256 MB RAM.