TP-Link Archer C7 2.4Ghz on QCA9880

hello, why can't i use the QCA9880 in 2.4Ghz mode since it's a dual band 2.4/5Ghz card ?

It's a dual-band MAC, but PHY and rf components (bandfilter, amplifiers, etc.) are 5 GHz only.

ohhh.. never knew that.

where can i find that information next time because i couldn't ?

'Nowhere', this is generally an undocumented implementation detail. Usually one would check the behaviour of the OEM firmware and visually inspect the relevant components on the PCB (including antennas), the wifi calibration data and FCC test results.

But in general, if a router has two (or more) radios, you can pretty much always expect that each of them covers only a specific band (with three radios, even the 5 GHz band is usually split in half); 6 GHz will always require its own radio as well. Making a radio cover both bands -and also do that well- is somewhere between expensive and impossible (antenna tuning for 2.4-6.0 GHz is generally not possible, you'd have to make hard compromises or very complex band filtering), so vendors will generally use cheaper per-band dedicated radios/ rf components - as they need two radios for concurrent dualband anyways.


got it. that's why i had no idea if it's possible. thank you !

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