TP-Link Archer C6U (EU) V1 won't load nor

Hello everyone,
I've received my TP-Link Archer C6U today, but when I try to access the default IP, it won't load.
It's new and I haven't connected to the Internet yet, can someone help me out? It's connected through Ethernet already and is plugged to the socket. I also tried resetting it, but that didn't help either.

How is this related to openwrt?

Well, I've followed the instruction shown on the Archer C6U page and it didn't work so maybe someone would know if I had to maybe go into recovery mode in order to be able to set up OpenWrt correctly, because I do not want to use the stock firmware or make any errors that would prevent me from flashing OpenWrt.

Also if it could indicate that it's already flashed out of the box and I should get something else or tinker with it.

Did it work out of the box with the stock firmware? Did you flash OpenWrt onto it? If so, what image did you download to install?

I haven't flashed anything yet, I just can't connect to the web interface because it won't load.

Since you haven't flashed anything on it yet, that means it has the TP-Link stock firmare (not OpenWrt). I'd recommend looking at the TP-Link website for help or contacting their customer service. Or return the unit to wherever you bought it if it isn't working properly.

Yeah, I'm conversing with an agent right now.

Well, it turns out something is wrong on my end and I'll have to ask in the Fedora forum, sorry.

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