TP-Link Archer c60 v3 dump need. (bios)

You know I have problem now. I need to use openwrt.

Before. Wen I buy tp link C60 router buy. That time I download openwrt file. Then update from web link. It's update and working fine. After some days I think need to check Tp link orginel Firmware. I update from openwrt web page. After that only power LED only. 5 days not working router. Then yesterday one friend send me dump file. I update. Then now working. But V2. And I cannot update to openwrt.

Really if you have anydesk application. I will give remote. Desktop.

Really meny time I try this 2 computer. No any changes TFTP.

disabled the firewall ? set the IP ?

Yes. IP. Also 0.10 all try

Static IP. And firwal set already

Also network cable Cat6

Then you'll need serial, or wireshark / tcpdump to see if there's any traffic coming from the router
when trying to initiate TFTP recovery.

or hook up the serial port.

or keep your finger X:ed someone have a bios dump.

Yaaa. Really I am waiting Dump file.

Please help me. Anyone have dump file V3.

Hi. I will buy serial cable and try. This week.

Archer C60(RU)_V2_181227. This is my device version

Please check this. It's coming like this.

looks OK, what's the actual question ?

But still Tp link

I thought you said TFTP didn't work ?

Anyway, you'll need the serial cable to investigate further.

Ok. I think now you understand

If I will upload V.3 openwrt. It's work or not ?