TP-Link Archer c60 v3 dump need. (bios)

I have Tp link Archer c60 v.3 router. I am using openwrt. Mistake I make original Tp link firmware update. Then only power LCD on always. After that I make flash bios chip . I get v.2 flash file from my friend. Now my router is V.2. I cannot use openwrt. Please help me. If anyone have TP- LINK Archer c60 v.3. Please read flash file from bios chip and give to me please.

Then use the openwrt v3 fw to flash it, using the flash instructions for a v2, if there's actually a difference.

Your biggest problem might however be the ART data, if you copied the whole flash.

Any way. It's possible to make v.3 or openwrt

It's not. Invited flash file.

Try the TFTP flash.

Yes. I will try now. And update you soon

It's not working

What is not working?

Yes. I try TFTP. Not getting

You have dump file. V.3

not getting what ?

there's no reason why flashing using TFTP wouldn't work.

This is BIOS Chip and bios programer

TFTP I am use network cable. Not serial cable

Or. Should be serial only work ?

you could try this, when attempting TFTP flashing.;a=commit;h=c0742307a18178ee7d2cee1fc6b0e199ccb1e1fa

Most common issue with TFTP, is the firewall on the host running the TFTP server, blocking the incoming request.

Ok I will try

Yes. This wey I try before. It's not working

Actually. I need openwrt. No need original TLF

not going to ask you a 3rd time what isn't working, if you're to lazy to provide
adequate info when posting, you're on your own ...

have fun

No. Really