TP-Link Archer C60 v2 - WiFi drops

Hey there,

I recently updated my Echer C60 v2 to the newest OWRT 19.07.2. But now the WiFi signal drops every 10minutes and the connected devices cannot find the SSID anymore.
I have to rescan after 5 minutes of waiting on my devices to see the SSID again. But after a while the signal drops again and the SSID could not be found on the devices.

I already went back to 19.07.1 but now I have the same issue on that version too. Before the initial upgrade everything was well with my config of 19.07.1. BTW: I haven't change any settings after the upgrade.

I also executed the ack-option in /etc/.../wireless. Same behaviour.

Any more hints on that?

At the moment I went back to my old device to be able to surf on the internet, cause with the drops OPWRT is not useable for me right now.

Greets and THX for help, mike

No one?

Greets mike