TP-Link Archer C60 (EU) v2

Hello everyone,

I was rollbacking to original firmware with this command

mtd -r write /tmp/original_firmware.bin firmware

after it completed my router restarted and my ethernet ports and wan port stopped working all was getting is power led thats it so after doing some research i restarted my router while reset button is pressed i got my lan port working but i can't restore any firmware using TFTP or anything i am stuck please help

Thank you!

You should have removed the bootloader of the stock firmware prior to flashing

any solution how can i fix?

The bootloader partition should be untouched I think. Did you follow the instructions of TFTP recovery?

Yes i tried multiple times but router is not detected by TFTP.

Then you have to disassemble your router and connect TTL cable to it to see what is going on

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