TP-Link Archer C60 - Can I use firmware for Archer C50 instead?


Thanks for any help in advance.

I just bought a tp-link Archer c60(link below).

Seems like there is no c60 lede firmware yet!!. Just wanted to know if I can flash c50 firmware instead, they look pretty similar in config?
Please advise.


Archer C60, see

What makes you think that?[Model*~]=c60

And just for reference, in general you can't just flash an image for another router (it might work in very few cases, but most of the time the integrated board IDs will already prevent that - or it might 'succeed' to flash and then leave the device in a bricked/ potentially non-recoverable state). Very often even similarly named model numbers (or even different hardware revisions) contain very different hardware).

You already have a openwrt on your archerc60 its just branded as tplink firmware .. XD

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