TP-LINK ARCHER C6 v3 or v4?

I recently bought the v4 because the v3 isn't available anywhere near me. The V3 has a dual-core processor, whereas the V4 has a single-core processor (I believe). However, the bandwidth of the V4 in the 2.4 GHz range is +100 Mbps. Also, it doesn't support OpenWRT, so I'm thinking of returning it. What is your suggestion on this?

if you need openwrt support, the answer's pretty obvious ....

Yeah, I know that, but aside from that... any suggestions?

suggestions, as in ?

After comparing both options, I'm wondering if it's truly worth downgrading to the v3 solely for OpenWRT. since I've never used OpenWRT before, this is a new consideration for me.

depends on why you wanted to install openwrt in the 1st place ?

if there's no "must have" feature missing from the stock fw, I see no reason for returning the v4.

one thing's for sure, there's no remote admin app, where your router's connecting to some vendor cloud, in openwrt.
it's however also a possible attack vector - go for the central hub, instead of attacking one device at a time.

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Archer C6 V4 is not supportable by OpenWRT.
See note here for links.
There are many sad users around this forum because V4 is quite featureless without vendor cloud.

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OP knows this, he got the info in his old thread.

question is whether "downgrading" to a v3, to get openwrt, is worth it.


I would suggest to return, but not go for V3, it is like still slow compared to ton of modern ones:
You can get AX23 or RT-AX1800U for 50-some bucks (unless local taxes bumb it much higher)

Most of them aren't available in my country, and the AX23 also costs around $75 after tax. Do you have any other recommendations? I am pretty sure it won't be easy to find the V3 either since it was discontinued in late 2022 here.

depends on where "my country" is ...

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Man, you are blazing fast! btw, I am from Nepal

:nepal: bro, I think you got us there :slight_smile:

wifi6 prices seems to jump through the roof.