TP-link Archer C6 v3.2

Is this particular version supported by OpenWRT? i can find only v3, not v3.2.
If yes, does this firmware for it have WiFi client and repeater modes?

V3.2 = v3....

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OK. My primary question is how to set up a router to work in two modes simultaneously:

  1. if WAN is present, as an ordinary router;
  2. if WAN is inaccessible, switch to using WiFi from a different AP (e. g. from a smartphone) and share it BOTH(!) via WiFi and via LAN cables. Wired LAN is more important, so the WDS bridge mode from the stock C6 firmware is not for me.

Zyxel Keenetic Lite on its stock firmware allowed to do this in several clicks. Is it possible on OpenWRT? I can't decide: to install it on a completely new router (and to lose warranty) or to change the configuration entirely, e. g. by connecting everything via WiFi.

It should be doable, the travelmate or mwan3 packages might assist, if not, the fail over can always be scripted.

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