TP-Link Archer C6 V2 U-boot dump / complete flashdump

Hello, I managed hard brick everything, tftp did not work, tried to start tftp via serial console, seems I've overwritten some content of u-boot. Boots are inconsistent, never successful.

Does anyone have a complete flashdump or any recommendations how to recover from this ? :smiley:
SPI flash is desoldered.

Seems that the firmware updates from TP-Link do not contain the u-boot.

current flash dump (does not boot):

Hello uioxivaeld, I know its an old thread, but did you find a dump? I also bricked mine... I bought an usb flasher with soic 8 clip and everything, but need a flash dump to revive this thing. Best regards.

Hi, like arthurdebarros I bricked mine :slight_smile: and I cant find anywhere flash dump . Can anyone help and give me working link with flash dump?
Best regards.

can you pls give me archer c6 dump file c2 eu

@uioxivaeld if still you didn't get solve your problem, you can find dump file from here , hopfully it will help you