TP-Link Archer C6 v2 (EU) - Wired speed & Wireguard support

I have bought a while ago an Archer C6 v2 (EU) but I had the chance to put in use only in these days and I discovered that OpenWRT supports it.

I was planning to re-build my net using a RPi4 as gateway (with an additional 3.0 1Gbit usb adapter), for which I built the image myself, because I was planning to use Wireguard with it with my 500mbit internet connection.

For who owns it / can check:

  • which is the max speed this device can handle over the wire with OpenWRT?
  • is there a kernel recent enough to support Wireguard available, if necessary I can build the image from directly the master?
  • is there enough room Wireguard on the spi flash memory (it's only 8mb)? (the wg binary on the RPi4 is slightly smaller than 80kb and the kernel module itself is below 200kb but I am pretty sure it needs more stuff
  • if I built it from master, do you think I will be able to install the firmware via the UI? Or will I need to solder the TTL pins and go via uboot / tftp?
  • do you think the CPU can handle wireguard?

Note: I don't care if I am not able to get the full 500mbit over wireguard, I totally do not expect that!


You can expect approx. 68Mbit, see